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SATURDAYS @ Traks Complex, Soi (Every Saturday, 10pm-3am)

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They say you can’t always get what you want. In clubbing circles, that’s not entirely true, as a visit to the sprawling Traks Complex in the pictureseque Northern Irish coastal town of Portrush will reveal.

The venues three rooms of wildly differing music offer options for most musical tastes. Put it this way – if you don’t find something you like, you must be pretty hard to please!

The venue is a former railway building, and houses Soi nightclub at its core. Here, you get house and hard dance music delivered by resident Steve Graham, with the likes of Charlotte Birch and Gleave Dobbin as guests DJs, and the occasional live PA.

B&S checked things out recently, and on the bill were the three-girl group Stonefox, fresh back from supporting Girls Aloud on tour and tipped for big things. In The Phat Club, Gary Hassin, aka The Wax Junkie, (soon to become The MP3 Junkie), holds down all things R&B and hip hop, while on the lower bar level, local music guru Brian Moore holds session with live band performances.
Words Mark Devlin

Station Approach, Portrush

Soul Fridays
Xtraordinary People

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WEEKENDS @ RB's, (Every Friday-Sunday, 10pm-late) Chester

They say variety is the spice of life. It’s also the key to ensuring a buzzing and lively clubbing environment, if the capacity numbers at RB’s in Chester are anything to go by.

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Featured Club

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SINTILLATE @ CC Club (every Friday, 10pm-3.30am) London

It’s quite an achievement for a night to last five years in the volatile and competitive world of Central London clubbing. It’s even more impressive when it doesn’t sell out musically in order to achieve such a status.

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