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Lenny Guacamole Lenny Guacamole Bru & Cary Deeni & Bob B&S crew and banner DJ Johnny N MD & Crewe Bru, Jo & John Two pimps pimping Bru, MD & Frances Daniella & crew Bob, Bru & Dee Elle J shows off her bump to Bobby Kilo Frances and friend (really enjoying herself!) Bob gets a smacker from Lady Trax...

Well, even though a few of the late stayers had to be peeled off the floor in a drunken mess to make way for the late-night crowd, by and large, our party at Bar Rumba in London recently to mark the appearance of the 1,000th issue was a great success and a lot of fun.

Many thanks to all our industry friends, along with all the regular punters who came down to hang out with us and listen to some tunes. Shame on the skanky criminal who stole all our goodie bags, however; we’ll be keeping an eye on Ebay. Tell you what, although it seemed like a last resort at the time, that strawberry-flavoured cider from Brothers isn’t half bad, and it really creeps up on you like a mugger in a dark alley after a couple of bottles... as a glance at some of our partygoers reveals!
Words Mark Devlin

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Featured Club

Chase 1Chase 2

THROWBACK @ Chase, (every Tuesday, 10pm-2am) Sunderland

Tuesday nights are a notoriously difficult one to get right in clubland. But life does tend to made easier in towns with large student populations, as students do love to party!

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Featured Club

Traks 1Traks 2

SATURDAYS @ Traks Complex, Soi (Every Saturday, 10pm-3am) Portrush

They say you can’t always get what you want. In clubbing circles, that’s not entirely true, as a visit to the sprawling Traks Complex in the pictureseque Northern Irish coastal town of Portrush will reveal.

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